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Relax and choose. To make your stay in Germany time-efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable, BCS offers “door-to-door” service from when you get off the airplane to until you reach your accommodation and back.

People with disability(ies)

Dear valued costumer,
More and more high school students with disabilities are planning to continue their education in vocational school, college or university, or advance their career. Other people with disabilities are arranging to visit Europe for vacation or entertainment. Please do not use your disability as an excuse to limit your goals or achievements! With BCS there is no excuse. BCS strives to provide the best and most modern services in this matter to assist individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain a successful trip. For more information please, contact us.


Train, bus, taxi, private car, limousine with or without assistance, private jet and more are available to serve your transportation needs from the airport to your accommodation and return trip. Please, contact us to choose your preferred mode of transportation.


BCS is very pleased to assist you in finding a comfortable and suitable accommodation suited to your wishes and needs, exceeding your expectations and meeting your budget e.g. single room, furnished apartment, furnished and individual house, etc., in different locations e.g. in downtown “city center”, residential district or in outlying areas, etc. For more information please, contact us.

Insurance “safety first”

It is very important to have health insurance before or immediately after you arrive in Germany. For example, if you have a Schengen visa you can stay in 25 European countries for up to 90 days which is ideal for tourists, visitors, business trips, guests, travelers, etc. Students who are planning to study and live in Germany, must be covered by health insurance. BCS is very pleased to assist you in finding a suitable health insurance company. For more information please, contact us.


For many customers a companion is necessary to guide them and to translate for them while they are staying in Germany. Others need to translate their documents to German language etc…. BCS is affiliated with qualified and certified translators who deliver translations legally certified for local or international use in numerous languages. For more information please, contact us.

German Language

Many visitors take advantage and enroll in German language courses to learn the language from a native speaker during their stay in Germany. Learning a foreign language not only adds remarkable value to your life experience, but gives you a closer look into German culture. In addition, it gives you more self-confidence to communicate, move freely and enjoy your time in Germany and other German speaking countries. BCS cooperates with many top ranked German language institutes which have qualified teams please, contact us for more information.