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BCS offers breathtaking and wonderful trips and different types of tourism in Europe (e. g. Leisure, Adventure, Wellness and sports, etc.) with convenient schedules for singles (VIPs), families, Honeymoon vacations and small groups. Some of our packages include special attractions for kids such as Walt Disney World in Paris/France and amusement parks e. g. Phantasialand in Brühl/Germany as well as other entertaining and exciting locations.

Family or single trips

If you are planning to spend your holiday or to relax from your work’s routine stress, BCS team is pleased to help you find breathtaking places with wonderful atmosphere according to your needs and wishes in the heart of Europe. For more info please, contact us.


Enjoy your hobby

Would you like to learn or exercise your favorite sport or hobby? Hundreds of different courses over the year in various scopes of sports, activities and hobbies are available. If you would like to learn or to attend your favorite one, we are pleased to offer our expertise in this field. For more information please, contact us.



With us your dreams become a reality!! If you have not arrange your honeymoon trip yet please, contact us to help you setup an unforgettable honeymoon trip in the heart of Europe, with natural, romantic and gastronomic delights, for more info please, contact us.


Discover Europe

Do you like to enjoy multi-cities wonders while you are visiting Europe? BCS team is happy to assists you in this matter by setting up a convenient schedule according to your time in order to visit many of these cities with a peace of mind. For more information please, contact us.


Entertainments programs for kids and adults

After a long and successful school year, time to relax! BSC offers for your kids an exciting entertainment and educational programs including visits to the zoo parks, aquariums, sea life, Phantasialand in Germany, Disneyland in France, etc. For more information please, contact us.


More information about tourism

BSC is also pleased to offer tailored services for business, industrial, or adventure trips, etc…, for more information please, contact us.

How does it work?

To start your trip, a few essential steps should be performed. First; please, complete and clearly fill out the following form “Tourism – Screening Form” afterwards, please send (submit) it to us via email, fax or post. According to your requests/needs and information, we will arrange and setup a convenient trip itinerary according to your schedule and convenience to match your wishes. Then, we will contact you via email (in most cases) or by phone (for urgent requirements) to keep you updated about the next steps, for more information please, contact us.